The Most Modern, High-Tech Mountain Bike Rotors

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Best Mountain Bike Rotors

Mountain bike rotors come in variety of sizes and shapes. As a rule of thumb; the larger the rotor, the more stopping power it provides. However, choosing the right brake rotors for your mountain bike can be a daunting task. We have searched far and wide to bring to you the most affordable, high-quality mountain bikes rotors. They feature a sturdy construction and are the most efficient brake rotors out there. Best of all, they come with unmatched heat resistant technology and are affordable. If you are in the marketplace to update your mountain bike brakes, only consider the reputable brands. Let me walk you through our best rotors in the market today;

Shimano SLX M 675 Disc Rotor


These are the most stylish brake rotors in the market. They are made of stainless steel and give an excellent heat dissipation effect. Shimano rotors measure 160mm in diameter (front and back). They are simple to install, even for the inexperienced users. Every aspect of brake rotor is set for customer convenience. They are accompanied by 4 caliper bolts and
come pre-filled with oil. This model features right and left control for the calipers which makes the ride comfortable irrespective of the terrain. The SLX can still handle the big hills thanks to heat dissipating standard Ice Tech pads. They may be a little more expensive, but are less likely to warp. Shimano guarantees safety, optimum performance and longevity.

Avid G2 Clean Sweep Bicycle Disc Brake Rotor

These rotors come in four sizes; 140mm, 160mm, 180mm, and 200mm. They are of the same diameter and are interchangeable. They weigh111 grams and do not warp. The G2 rotor is designed to keep the dirt from mucking up your ride. Most importantly, it gives smooth and powerful braking to all mountain bike riders.

Hayes V6 Rotor


The Hayes V6 Disc Brake rotor is 160mm in diameter. It’s made of steel and offers optimum weight-to-performance ratio. In addition, the V cut design increases the contact pad area and gives more power. This rotor features quality craftsmanship; it’s lightweight and sheds heat and mud reasonably well. It’s designed to handle any XC riding you may throw at it. The cutout and drilling helps keep pads clean. They are east to install and are fairly quiet.


A large rotor maintains power during steep descents and dissipates heat better. If you are looking to replace your scratched brake rotors, you can shop bike rotors here. Remember, a good pair of brakes makes your mountain bike stylish and improves your riding capabilities.

Top 5 BMX Bikes

Best BMX Bikes on the Market

For several adventure seekers, nothing beats the adrenaline rush that riding a BMX bike can bring you. Whether you are traversing rough roads or practicing stunts, riding your BMX is definitely an enjoyable way to spend time – along or with your buddies.

BMX bikes do not come cheap, so it is important to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of a bike before you decide to purchase them. However, there is a long list of bikes you can choose from and evaluating them one by one can be very time-consuming.

To help you with that, here is a list of the best BMX bikes for off roading. All the items on this list have been receiving tons of positive reviews, so you’re sure to get excellent value for your money with these options!

  1. Haro Sport Mike Dominguez Tribute

If you are a fan of expert riders, you will definitely have this bike on your wish list. This bike is a replica of Mike Dominguez’s ride – complete with his signature blue tires, black Tuff wheels, and one-piece bar. It looks like the exact bike that wowed the audience when Mike Rodriguez was still 14 years old and was still learning how to perform stunts. It works just like it, too! You will definitely feel like a biking legend when you cruise around town on this BMX.


  1. Simpsons x Cult Duff Cruiser

With its bright colors and big wheels, the Simpsons x Cult Duff Cruiser will definitely catch the attention of everyone you pass by. This bike is easy to control and moves a lot faster because of its lightweight materials and 24” wheels. It’s the perfect pick for those who want a BMX bike that can win races.


  1. 20” Mongoose Mode 270 Boys’ Freestyle Bike

This one is considered by many as the best BMX bike for off-roading. Its body is composed of very durable steel and aluminum-machined wheels that can handle very rough rides. The bike also has a padded seat that will keep you go comfortable throughout the ride. Plus, it is equipped with a high-quality alloy caliper brake that is sure to stop your movement.


  1. Mongoose Legion Mag 20” Wheel Freestyle Bike

If you want to learn more difficult stunts and impress onlookers, then this bike is perfect for you. It was designed and built specifically for riders who want to master tricks on the track. Its body is made of very durable steel and is equipped with an alloy caliper, cable Detangler, front U-brakes, and 170 mm cranks. You won’t have to worry about the bike falling apart even if you fall several times during practice.


Don’t hesitate to talk to the sales professional before you decide to purchase a bike. It would be helpful to know how to assemble the bike, how to take care of it properly, and the warranty terms. These will help you make the most out of the money you will spend for your bike.